About us

We are an IT Outsourcing company

Linsyssoft is a Software Development company based in India. The company provides software products for various industries. We are having client base in Indian market. Object Trees sof is technology-driven company, committed to delivering value to customers. We achieve our goals through innovation and by consistently improving efficiency. Company giving priority to Customers and their satisfaction and then employees then managers and then shareholders.

We are a diversified global software development and IT outsourcing company that gives both offshore and onshore technological solutions to business enterprises around the world.

We have proven expertise in encompassing low cost, but high quality and reliable software solutions and services in areas like IT consulting, offshore web development and business applications including ecommerce, e-learning, manufacturing, content management and many other business systems.


Leading Branding and Development Company

The mission of Linsyssoft is to create extraordinary brands names and offer best branding services to its clients. The firm stands for excellence in strategy , design and development. We love what we create. Whether it's a new brand identity, advertising campaign, or interactive strategy, our process-driven team analysis every project with a perspective to achieve the most compelling solution. The main mission of Linsyssoft is to be the Leading Advertising Agency in India.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to empower all kinds of trade businesses with effective and efficient solutions that help them - Measure, Manage and increase Profits.

Our Mission is to :

Assure on Software Quality

Assure on Product delivery & Professional Services

Assure on 24x7 support response.