Consumer is connected through technology

Today’s consumer is connected through technology before entering the store. They value a personal experience from their mobile devices, apps, in-person, and everywhere. Modern retailers must engage with their digital audience with the latest retail technologies. An Oracle Gold Partner, ARK Cyber Solutions is a complete end-to-end IT service provider to large and mid-market retailers. We offer a portfolio of services designed to help you deal with change and plan for the future. With delivery capabilities in Merchandising. ARK Cyber Solutionsenables retailers worldwide to compete in the digital world.


Today everybody is in hurry they want their work should be done within less time.

Today everybody is in hurry they want their work should be done within less time. The same situation we are facing at retail shops, retail counters, there are long queue at billing counters. Customers get irritated due to such wastage of time even it also affects the sale of retail shops/ counters. The most difficult situation a retailer faces is generating a report which contains the whole history of his business transactions within a single report. So, Marg Retail Software is aimed to manage all the requirements of the individual shops or retail chain in an efficient, effective way as it has highly flexible configurations that are capable of meeting customer’s unique requirements. In Marg Software a retailer can generate reports as per his need, even he can generate a report which contains the complete details of the business within a single report. There is a provision in Marg Retail Software that it will show alert when items are out of stock or shows the stock of items which you are not selling.